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    One of the best parts about KNT classes is that they are run on a drop-in basis - if you work shifts or have kids or sometimes life just gets in the way and you can't make it to class, you're not missing something you've pre-paid for. You just turn up when you can and pay for whatever classes you do if you're anything like me, you'll soon be re-arranging what you can around class! – Katie

    Here is the timetable for the under 16’s classes:

    The Timetable is currently being updated, please contact us on info@kntdanceworks.co.uk for an up to date timetble
    There are no membership or registration fees.

    The child’s first term is run on a ‘Pay as you Go’ basis so this is the perfect time to sample different styles of dance without having to commit to a full term. After this, a full terms fee should be paid on the first day of every term (approx 6 weeks). A further discount of 10% will be applied to the total bill for siblings.

    Students should wear anything comfortable that they can move in for the first few lessons. When they’re sure they enjoy the classes then KNT Danceworks has a uniform that is available to buy from the school itself. Please refrain from buying uniform elsewhere as there’s a chance it won’t be in keeping with the KNT Danceworks uniform.

    Please feel free to print out and fill the registration form and terms & conditions for KNT Danceworks to bring on your children’s first day. (I’ve attached these to the email for you.


    The Dancehouse Theatre
    10 Oxford Road
    M1 5QA

    Manchester Business Centre
    Suerte Dance Studios
    60 Charles Street
    M1 7DF


    Why Every Child Should Dance!


    Our children’s dance classes provide a fantastic opportunity for your child to learn in a fun and stimulating environment. Dance classes will improve posture, encourage physical growth and development as well as promoting a healthier lifestyle.


    Children’s dance lessons are a great way for your kids to learn important social skills and discover new ways to interact and communicate with their friends.


    Our dance classes focus on learning classical ballet as the basis of all other forms of dance, so whatever dance styles your child goes on to learn, they’re already at an advantage.

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