"The best thing that's happened to me since moving to Manchester! The teachers are cool, fun and highly knowledgable, making the classes relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable. You are free to go at your own pace, with plenty of tips to help you improve and opportunities to stretch yourself when you feel ready. Everyone is friendly, it's a great atmosphere to forget the worries of the day and dance your troubles away!! Dance your heart out in style" - Helen


Dancing is a great way to unwind at the end of the day and feel good about yourself! Ballet burns 350 calories an hour. Many people who attend our classes do it as a hobby and to keep fit. And don’t worry if you’re not a fan of classical music, we use a mixture of what’s new in the charts with some occasional piano music making it hard not to sing along!!

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Complete Beginner Ballet
Beginner Ballet
Mixed Level / Improvers Ballet
Advanced Ballet
Pointe Work

Complete Beginner Ballet

Always had a desire to dance but never had the opportunity to? This class is designed just for you! The class starts off with a short cardiovascular and stretching based warm up to get those hearts pumping. We then move on to the barre and teach a number of exercises to improve posture, increase muscle tone, strength and flexibility. The second half of the class takes part in the centre, focusing on control and mastering the basic steps of ballet. We finish off the class with a cool down, relaxing all the muscles.

This class is very basic, like an introduction to ballet, making it easy for absolutely everyone to keep up. Students can work at their own pace but if anyone starts finding this class too easy then they can move up to a more advanced class.

Beginner Ballet

This class is mainly for people who danced when they were younger and remember the very basics of ballet, but had to give it up for whatever reason, or have a lot of experience in another dance style and want to quickly cover all the basics of ballet before advancing. Like the Complete Beginners Ballet the class starts off with a warm up, a number of exercises at the barre, some more exercises in the centre and a cool down. There isn’t a big difference between the Complete Beginners Class and the Beginners Class you just might find that there are a few more new steps introduced.

Mixed Level / Improvers Ballet

The Improver's Ballet class is ideal for anyone who has been attending the Beginner classes and feels ready to start pushing themselves towards the advanced class. The class has a focus on technique preparing people for more advanced steps and each exercise is longer to help build stamina and muscular endurance for the advanced classes.

Advanced Ballet

The Advanced Ballet like all the other ballet classes includes a warm-up, barre work, centre work and a cool down. Entirely new exercises are created every class to ensure everyone is constantly challenged to try something different. The class is ideal for anyone with a good amount of experience in dance. The pace of the class is faster so a lot more exercises are fitted into the hour.

Pointe Work

Pointe work requires a certain amount of strength in the feet and ankles. We start off with very simple exercises at the barre warming the feet up and getting them used to the pointe shoes. The class progresses slowly at first but an improvement is seen from week to week Due to the fact that hard shoes occasionally cause blisters or hurt if the toenails are too long for example, we give people the choice to work at their own pace until they are happy and confident to try new steps.

Please speak to us before buying pointe shoes - there are several factors to take into consideration before going on pointe like shape of feet, strength of the ankles and legs, core strength,  posture, technique etc. Pointe can be dangerous if it's not for you so please let us advise you. 

Click here to view one of our ballet routine's from a previous show.

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Mondays - Beginners (6.30pm) Advanced (6.30pm)

Tuesdays - Beginners (6.30pm) Advanced (7.30pm)

Wednesdays - Technique (6.30pm)

Thursday - Complete Beginners (6:30pm)
Advanced (7:00pm)
Pointe (8:30pm)

Saturdays - Mixed level (3.00pm)

Price: £5.00

Clothing: Anything comfortable (t-shirt, leggings, socks & ballet shoes/pointe shoes)


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