"Most fun you can have with your clothes on. Amazing excercise, great teachers, in a really fun and sociable environment. Definitely my favourite thing I've done since moving to Manchester" - Jen


Whereas ballet and jazz teach you to pull up, contemporary dance teaches how to release, relax and loosen up the body. Contemporary is often described as dance in its’ rawest form. The best description we’ve ever heard is ‘Contemporary is to dance, what Andy Warhol is to art!’ Many people hugely enjoy our Contemporary dance classes as it is a real chance to ‘let go’ and express yourself through dance. During the class we use a huge variety of well known music.

Beginner Contemporary

The Beginner’s Contemporary is all about learning the basics of Contemporary dance and getting to grips with the style. This class starts off with a warm up to increase the circulation around the body. We then move on to around 35 minutes of technical exercises that improve posture, core strength, suppleness and all round fitness. This is then followed with an exciting, new routine that changes every week.  The class is finished off with a cool down to relax the body.

Improvers/Advanced Contemporary

The Improver’s and Advanced Contemporary class is all about building on skills learnt in the Beginner’s class and learning to use momentum to dance at greater speed and with an increased range of movement. This class too includes a warm-up, technical exercises, a new routine each week and a cool down. The pace however is slightly increased to keep the class challenging for everyone.

Click here to see one of our contemporary routines from a previous show.

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Mondays Improvers 7:30pm
Thursdays Beginners 7:30pm


Price: £5.00

Clothing: Anything comfortable (t-shirt, leggings, socks or bare feet)

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