• GDPR Policy Notice

    In accordance with GDPR we would like to make you aware of what we do with your (and your children’s) personal information.

    What information is being collected?

    When your child starts classes with us we request that you fill in a registration form. Registration forms contain your name, phone number and email, your child’s name, your child’s date of birth and their medical information. We also ask if you agree to your child’s photo being taken.

    Why is it being collected? How will it be used?

    We need your name and phone number in the event of your child needing you during their dance class or if I need to call you regarding your child (doing an exam for example). Your email will be used to send you newsletters with regards to what your children are doing, what we are working towards, term dates etc. Blind copying will be used in the event of bulk emails. We require your child’s date of birth to make sure they are in the correct classes age wise. We require their medical information in case of emergencies. It also makes us aware of any injuries. Please do let us know if your child’s medical status changes so we can continue safe practice in the studio. We ask if you agree for your child’s photo to be taken in the event of taking photos for a KNT Danceworks show programme. We believe that the information requested in the registration forms is adequate, relevant and not excessive.

    Who will it be shared with?

    If a child has a medical condition that the teacher needs to be aware of then we will share that (asthmatic child needing an inhaler for example). In case of an exam, your child’s full name and date of birth will be shared with the examining body (they need to be issued with a unique ID), like the Royal Academy of Dance for example. In the event of a show, your child’s name and photo will be featured in the programme unless explicitly asked not to. Your personal details have never and will never be shared with any third party.

    How is it collected?

    We currently only have paper versions of the registration forms. In case of an emergency, this is the quickest way for me to find your child’s information. This is our primary concern. We are working towards making a secure digital version for taking notes (like when you make payment).

    Who is collecting it?

    KNT Danceworks volunteers usually hand out the registration forms to parents of new students. They are then put in a protective folder and in the file with the rest of them. Volunteers are aware of the process and how to keep the information you give us safe. When not in use, the folder is stored in a safe location. The data controller is Karen Sant. Contact details: number – 07783103037, email – info@kntdanceworks.co.uk

    Extra points of information:

    • Once a child leaves KNT Danceworks, the registration form destroyed (only photographic consent will be kept).
    • We go through the registration forms folder twice a year. If a child hasn’t attended classes for a couple of terms then it will be assumed that they are no longer a part of the school and their registration form will be destroyed.
    • You can ask to see your child’s registration form at any time. Please keep them updated (any changes to numbers/emails/medical information).
    • You have a right to withdraw consent at any time (if you previously ticked yes to photos being used for example). Please note without consent KNT Danceworks may not be able to deliver the services you wish to sign your child up for.
    • In the highly unlikely event of a data breach, all parties will be notified immediately.
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