There are several different styles of jazz in the dance world from funky jazz to broadway and commercial jazz to lyrical. We love to keep you up to date by incorporating the various styles with chart topping songs and using them to inspire a new routine each week. We start off the jazz class with a warm-up to get the heart pumping. This is followed by around 35 minutes of simple but challenging exercises focusing on each muscle group in the body. If your aim is to improve muscle tone, core strength, posture and suppleness, this class with provide you with that overall fitness. Jazz is a class that’s perfect for all age groups and abilities, whether you want to learn the latest funky moves or just get fit. Jazz burns 350 calories an hour so it’s the perfect excuse to avoid boring overcrowded gyms but still achieve the same results!

My favourite thing about this class is how friendly and welcoming it is – no one makes you feel silly for making a mistake or not knowing how to do something. Everyone is friendly and approachable, the class is full of a great mix of people, and Karen is always happy to answer questions and give helpful corrections!


Anything comfortable (t-shirt, leggings, socks & ballet shoes/pointe shoes)

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