Tap is a fantastic way to improve your rhythm and get fit in a social environment. We fuse together many styles including rhythm tap, broadway tap and hoofing, and set it to a wide array of music – from the traditional genres of big band and swing, to the latest chart sounds.

Every class starts with a gentle warm up focussed on loosening up the knees and ankles. We’ll teach you all the basic steps including shuffles, springs and pickups and build them up into more complex combinations like timesteps. Each class finishes with a new routine each week for you to put your newly learnt tap skills to the test!


Our Beginners tap class is an ideal place to start for those who are new to tap, or dance in general. It’s also a great chance for anyone who hasn’t danced for some time to dust off their tap shoes and ease themselves back into dancing gently. Tap shoes aren’t necessary for your first few lessons, however, the class does get a lot easier once you’ve invested in a pair.

Intermediate/Advanced Tap

A great opportunity for people with experience in tap looking to keep their skills up to date, or people who’ve been to our beginner classes and are looking to take their dancing to the next level. The class builds on basic techniques learnt in the Beginner class to develop harder and longer combinations. The pace of the class is also increased to keep experienced dancers challenged.

My favourite thing about this class is how friendly and welcoming it is – no one makes you feel silly for making a mistake or not knowing how to do something. Everyone is friendly and approachable, the class is full of a great mix of people, and Karen is always happy to answer questions and give helpful corrections!

Our Tap Classes Include

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate Tap
  • Advanced Tap


Anything comfortable (t-shirt, leggings, or jogging pants, socks, tap shoes

When and Where

Date & time details for these classes, along with pricing, can be found on our Timetable page

Beginner/intermediate Tap

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